What Can I Say, I'm The World's Best Actor

Season 3, Episode 17 "Enemies"

Lets talk about Enemies! Add any thoughts and observations in the comments and lets chat!

’Enemies’ isn’t the most 'fun' episode that I’ve seen in season 3 of Buffy, but it has a few standout/weird moments 

Angel and Buffy catch a foreign film

l’banquet d’amelia is a pretty wonderful riff on indy films, clearly a reference to the classic, creepy sex in Last Tango in Paris. In the scene that the world is always referencing when they talk about this film, Brando uses butter as lube before raping a woman.

If you imagine that Buffy just watched a film where the lead lady was love/raped by her beau, everything about this opening scene with Angel makes sense.

You know it’s a creepy scene when the only 'unedited' links you can find are on DailyMotion.

UPDATE: In the original version of this post I had a link to a DailyMotion video that has since been removed for copyright infringement. It looks like you'll have to rent Last Tango if you want to see that rape scene. 

  Angel pretends to be Angelus!

Angel pretends to be Angelus!

I was totally triggered by the Angelus appearance. I'm incredibly happy that this turned out to be a trick. You tricked me Angel. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the world's greatest actor is acting. 

I actually love Angel in Season 3. He saves Xander from Faith and I love that stupid appearance of his in ‘Bad Girls’.

But I can't handle Angelus. More Angel is fine. 

Buffy is a ‘B’ this Episode

Elizabeth brings this up in the podcast, and I totally agree. Buffy is incredibly cruel to Angel. He does everything that she asks, but she’s so clearly miffed by his supposed moment with Faith that she needs a break. 

Final Thoughts?

This is a lesser episode for me. It doesn’t feel like a ‘must-watch’. 

I need to cleanse my palate after watching that Brando clip, and so I'll be watching My Love From Another Star (K-Drama) – which is streaming now on DramaFever, which I assume you already know about if you’re deep into K-Dramas. 

Let me know your thoughts about this episode. Is this a must-see? Does anything important develop here – or are we just stalling until the Mayor's Ascension!